Saturday, January 23, 2016


The big storm is just beginning to rear its head here on Cape Cod. It is nearly dark as night and we have heavy winds and a few flakes, but it promises to be much worse in the coming hours.

My Saturday morning board meeting was canceled, and I am now at LM's house hunkered down with both of us hunkered down with Ms G.

LM just brought his electric snow blower and cords in to the house and has all his other clearing tools in the kitchen. Cars are backed in to the drive, and we have plenty of food.

Our biggest concern is a power outage and not being able to watch the Pats vs Broncos game tomorrow. Life is good.

I will report back in later.  Stay safe and warm everyone!!


Linda said...

The storm does sound bad. Send out a report from time to time so we get a 'real' person report.

Sharon said...

I wonder if my son in Boston got measurable snow. Hope you are digging out today and able to settle in for the big Pats game. We have planned our day around that one!