Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Morning

My usual Sunday morning begins waking up next to LM and with Ms G draped over some parts of us both!  My favorite morning of the week! These days, as I am continuing my recovery at home, I wake to the patter of Teddy's feet through the hallways. Today, I slept blissfully until 8:30 am and after making myself downstairs to retrieve a little breakfast and  my morning iced tea, I headed back up to my sitting room to watch CBS Sunday Morning, knowing LM was at home watching it "with" me.  It is no small feat, with my new knee, to accomplish all this, but sure feels good when I finally settle in to my recliner with an ice pack on the knee, to enjoy my breakfast.  Shortly after a long sigh this morning, Teddy appeared in my sitting room to tell me the following, "Nana, just to let you know, today is February "clean everything" day and you have a job to do this afternoon.  You will be  buffing the wood floors in the living room, dining room and the foyer.  I will show you how to run the machine."  No one has any idea how he came up with this plan but we shall see what the afternoon brings. He is always a boy with a plan.

So now, Teddy and his Mom, Alison, have gone out to swimming lessons at the "Y," snow is falling, yet again, and they have several other errands to do, and I have the house and "Sunday Morning" to myself.  Guess I better hustle and get myself ready for the "clean everything" event, although it could be well-forgotten by the time he gets home, I know enough to be prepared, and hope my chores can be done before the Oscars come on this evening! Although we have not gotten out to see many of the great movies this year, I do love watching them celebrated, or not.


Happy Sunday..........


Judy said...

I can hardly wait for those trees and bushes in the background of your view to turn green!!

Retired English Teacher said...

We got about four inches of snow, maybe five or six, since yesterday, so I am enjoying my leisurely Sunday morning. My hubby had to work. I am being very lazy. Soon I will put dinner in the slow cooker and relax some more.

I'm pleased with your recovery. Have you started PT yet? I think PT was instrumental to my husband's regaining of the use of full motion in his leg after both knee replacements. It is a long process. Take it one day at a time. Hugs.

Sharon said...

You are making steady progress, which is a good thing. I hope you got a reprieve from buffing floors. You sound upbeat and happy, and I'm glad for you.