Friday, February 20, 2015


My new knee will be 3 weeks old on Monday!  So far the experience has been very smooth and not nearly as painful as when the right knee was installed 8 years ago. I have been home a week now, and am receiving so much love and great care from LM, Teddy, Alison and Jason. They are keeping me supplied with lots of ice and Teddy has been so helpful in retrieving whatever I might need. Although, he seems to have developed a limp and is in need of a walker for assistance, just like Nana. Mmmmm.  He's so funny.

The weather has been very challenging for everyone, and today it is particularly severe with wind chills at -20.  LM came and took me to a doctor's appointment this morning and I must say that the air felt good for a few minutes. I hadn't been outside in so long. The snow was blinding in its beauty. A good health report was received along with caution to not overdo with the knee.

So life is pretty quiet right now and will be for a few more weeks. It is a time to read, do my exercises, and dream about long, pain-free walks, and contemplate how fortunate I am to be able to recover with no work-related pressure, and so much loving care.
Teddy and I have been talking about what must be going on in the world under all our snow....we envision, worms turning, many little hibernating creatures enjoying their long naps, and buds beginning their journeys through the earth to bring us lovely flowers in April and May and beyond.

Love and peace to all.....


Mitzi said...

So happy to hear you are doing well. Spring is just around the corner-hang in there.

Judy said...

I wonder why--my second hip replacement was so much easier than my first one too. Maybe advancements have been made? Yes--you must take it easy with the knee. I know they kept telling me that because I tended to over do. If they told me 15 leg lifts, I did 30. I thought the harder I worked, the better, but was informed, that to do more than they recommended, could in fact damage the new joint. So just enjoy being inside, relax and heal!!