Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Winds are Feeling Summery

 Summer has been creeping toward us slowly and so many of our recent days have been pretty chilly, but when Kristi visited us for Meaghan's wedding there had to be mini-golf!  It was really fun that we could get her together with Jason, Alison, Teddy and Samantha - too bad Sara had to work. Everyone seemed to have a great time and it was a really sunny afternoon. Kristi is thriving in her new home and we were so happy to see her looking so well and she really had a fun time being part of Meaghan's wedding.

I'm on my 4th day out of work with some sort of strange virus, and await a call from my doctor to see what blood work reveals. My system seems so vulnerable after the lengthy winter illness, that I cannot seem to get to a place of strength, no matter what I do. This will not get me down, and I am continuing to work daily on my moving project.  It is feeling right, and each weekend we move a few more things to my son's house. This week Jason is having solar panels put on the entire roof of the house. So proud that he has gone forward with this project.

Summer Wind, sung by Frank Sinatra, is LM's favorite song so I am dedicating this little post to him as he has just been my angel with all this sickness....waiting at doctor's offices, the hospital, wherever, and he never complains. If it is possible he is there.  I have major plans to rehab this hulk I am living in, and make it stronger and more independent, very soon!  My retirement and my new home will afford me that luxury, and I'll be doing it all in the beautiful summer wind along my beloved Cape Cod Canal - which by the way, is celebrating its 100th birthday this year with major events held throughout the area in July. We were by there last Sunday and already the area is filled with the scent of wild roses........wish I could bring you all along.
Love to you all!


Judy said...

I worry about you Dear Friend. The summer will be good for what ails you--soak up the Vitamin D contained in the sunshine. I love to play Putt Putt golf!!! Miss you when you don't write as often. thank you for your kind words, support and positiveness on my blog comments. Love's ya--

debbie said...

I keep hoping you'll tell us what the Dr's found out. I hope by now you are feeling a little stronger. Glad you are getting something moved every so often. That way it won't be such a pain in the butt!! It's in the 90's all week here, but you won't hear me complain after the winter we had!!!