Friday, June 27, 2014

Painting Staff and Updates

Happy Friday!!

Thought you all might like to have a little update on my retirement/moving status.  I am at the end of the first week of my last 6 weeks of work!  For a few years I thought I would be in a huge panic about leaving this beloved job, but I only feel myself straining at the reins to be free and on to creating an entirely new life.  There is nostalgia about all the wonderful years in the design/build field, and how it sparked my creativity and self-worth, and those memories will sustain me as I go forward, confident that whatever comes next will be wonderful and just as enriching.
Excitement is building and also the pace. My current house feels so hollow and is filled with echoes. Nice echoes....the nest of safety it gave Ms G and me when I needed it so badly in 2004, the family dinners, and best of all when it welcomed LM.

This weekend is our huge yard sale and we couldn't be happier with the weather forecast. So lovely.

Jason and Alison had to hire a painter to get my new bedroom ready!! He is quite efficient and I believe he has already finished the work. I will see it tonight. He's a pretty cute helper, too, and my new bedroom will feel even more welcoming, knowing it was made so beautiful by my darling, Teddy.

Teddy will be my new  neighbor across the hall, and I am sure we are going to have a lot of fun and get into mischief together!

Love and peace to all!


Balisha said...

So happy for you this morning as I read this post. Your little "painter" must be looking forward to you being across the hall. Oh, the changes in your life as you begin this new adventure. Looking forward to new postings along the way.

Judy said...

You and Teddy are going to become so close! What a wonderful experience of each of you. It is going to make him feel so secure that you are just across the hall. wouldn't you have loved to have your Grandma so near?

debbie said...

Looks to me that the painter they hired to paint your room is efficient AND GOOD LOOKING & GROWING LIKE A WEED!!! I can imagine your feelings about work. I know it will feel wonderful that on those icy mornings you won't have to get up and get in the cold car to go to work!! Teddy will be in heaven with you there and when I think about all the fun your going to have, being around you every day!! It will be heaven!....debbie

Retired English Teacher said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your new adventure.

Sharon said...

I left a comment some time ago but it doesn't show here. I came back for another look at your painter:) You're coming down the home stretch now.