Tuesday, June 17, 2014

All Better

Good news here - whatever hit me last week was completely gone in 4 days and I seem to have more energy than I've had in months.

Tomorrow, son, Jason, and LM's son, John, will arrive with a big truck and take away a goodly portion of my possessions, some marked for a yard sale, some for storage, and the rest for my new rooms at Jason's house. I will live with the bare necessities until I move in August. We had a rush on to get things moved as Jason is beginning a new job on July 1 and will have very little time.

Made a big move yesterday and scheduled an appointment with the surgeon to begin the process of knee replacement. People assure me it is easier than when I had my right knee replaced 8 years ago. I'm believing them, in an effort to gather the courage to travel the road toward full mobility again.

These days are filled with excitement at the possibilities ahead - I can choose to do whatever I like with my life, explore all sorts of new avenues, and the feeling of freedom is so exhilarating.  All the fear I'd lived with about retiring, moving, etc, is gone. I admit, there will be some tears in the change,  and I choose to think they will be tears of happiness!  I've a slight suspicion that LM is a bit apprehensive about this change in my life. He came to help me move several things this afternoon and I saw his face fall when he looked at all my possessions packed up and labeled awaiting the truck, and commented on how my place had changed. Really we will just be 12 miles further away from each other and the weekends will still be ours.

My 99 year old grandfather's last words to me were, "don't fight life, dear," and I am realizing just how much energy I've expended doing just that. Now is a time that I am embracing the changes and life!

Love to all.......


Judy said...

As you get used to retirement, and especially after surgery and recovery, you will realize just how much freedom you really have! You are going to love it!!!

Sharon said...

This is the most encouraging post:) Thank you for sharing this positive place you've landed in and how things have shifted for you. I don't know why it happens that way, but it does. I am so glad for you!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I smile also, so many things in later years - just happen.
So pleased you can be with loved ones - will not happen to this one but so far no replacement surgeries and I am much further down the road of life then you.
Continue with your positive

debbie said...

I am so glad your life is going to be a great deal easier, and less stressful and all things are starting to fall into place. I am also relieved to see that LM will only be 12 miles farther. I've wondered about that since you told us you were moving to your son's. AND, I am thrilled to read you finally made the decision and went to see the doctor. My knee is 6 mo old now!! My left knee was done in 04. This time it was much easier as technology is advanced and recovery time is less. For me it was better and quicker.
First month is the hardest. Second month your feeling over the moon, and by the third month you are Home Free!! I will be one of your best Cheerleaders!! Do your exercises regularly at home and give it your all at therapy and you will be their BEST client!!! Love you!!...deb

Retired English Teacher said...

Great news. I need to catch up. Good luck with surgery. You are a busy gal with with much to look forward to.

Retired English Teacher said...

Wow, lots of changes. Hugs to you during this time. I am glad you are going to a place that will feel more like home.