Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sounds in the Night

Last weekend, while together with LM, we found ourselves unable to sleep. It was just the kind of night we love, cool enough for the down comforter, yet nice enough to have the windows open.  Everything seemed conducive to a good night's restful sleep, yet we lay there wide awake, quietly musing, thinking the other asleep.  I heard the hoots and wondered, "do I ask if he heard them, too?"  We do love hearing nature's symphony, and pondering what creature is bringing us the music.  The next set of soft hoots brought "Are you hearing that"....oh yes, and soon we were guessing who could this be bringing us this lovely distraction? We gathered our covers, and found our perfectly comfy spot, as close as we could be, and listened intently, the meditational focus, bringing us into a deep and beautiful sleep.

After a lovely breakfast the next morning, out came the bird book, and the mystery was the savior of our night:
The short-eared owl.....not the first time the answer has come to us from nature. Not the last I am sure. Hope our friend returns again.....he has a lovely soft hoot!!


Judy said...

Some would find that annoying--having to get up and look for the bird, or waiting for the next hoot. I too like the sounds of nature around me--usually it's just a cat quietly purring next to my head, but that is enough to lull me to sleep.

Balisha said...

I have really good hearing, but my husband can't hear nature's sounds. When the spring peepers were at the pond...they kept me awake one night. Joe mentioned the next morning that maybe being hard of hearing was a Godsend.
I love weather like this too. We have our down comforter and sleep with the windows open for part of the fall.