Monday, April 29, 2013

Six Weeks

Six weeks ago I was told that I had some very serious and life threatening health issues....(see my March 26th post).  Medication was necessary to give my heart a break from a nearly lethal toxicity caused by taking ibuprofen. To say that these last weeks have been hard is an understatement.  There was never the promised adjustment (acceptance) by my body.  The side effects continued until this past Saturday when I came very close to collapsing in a huge store while shopping with Kristi.  The world was spinning out of control.

I am happy to say, though, that I visited my doctor first thing this morning, and I have managed to turn around the heart issues and am now off the med!!  During the six weeks, I ate a  "whole" diet, including a lot of salmon and other fish, consumed a large green smoothie each day, exercised and rested.  Bloodwork done last week shows great success, my cholesterol, which was not an issue, has now been radically lowered, with the good cholesterol at an all-time high for me, and my BP is normal.  Kidney function is slower to return but is on the upswing.  The spinach and kale in the smoothies are purported to work as natural anti-inflammatories and helping, on a small level to ease the arthritis pain, allowing me to do daily walks again.   I guess we really are what we eat!!

Great way to start off the week leading to May, and it is also my dear brother, Marty's birthday! 

Love to all.....


Retired English Teacher said...

This is excellent news! I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better. Also, it is good to hear you are reversing things with your diet. How did you make your smoothies? I ask because I need to do the same thing.

Continue to take care of yourself. You have been under way too much stress lately.

Linda said...

So glad to hear you're having such good results. Sounds like you've been through a very tough time. Glad you're feeling better.

MBG said...

So glad to hear you're doing much better, Kitty.
It seems your care with your diet is really paying off. Your green smoothie sounds like a little miracle all by itself. Would you share your recipe?

Beverly said...

so glad you are better....both your numbers and your "feeling healthy" I hope you continue to go in the right direction!