Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Seem to be waking from the drought/doldrums of summer.  It is still very warm here and we have a ways to go before the glorious Cape Cod light brings us Fall and cool nights for sleeping, but my mind seems to be clearing and my body more energized, bringing me some clarity to think enough to write.

I cannot remember being as indolent as I have been this summer.  One minute I wonder if it is aging that makes me feel like I am in a murky hole of incomplete thinking, and the next, I am certain it is just from inactivity. Whatever the cause, I have begun to jolt myself back to awareness.  The early Fall is bringing me some lovely pleasures, a reunion with a dear childhood friend, a trip with LM to visit my sister in Canada, and a stop along the way to tour the 1000 Islands area of NY.

Another wake-up call has come in the form of a shake-up at work!  I have a lovely new co-worker I am helping to acclimate.

Over the last several years I have done a lot of excess worrying about my future, especially about where I will  live when I cannot work.  I hear myself much too often,saying that I am not wanting to live much longer, that I am "ready to go," etc.  A new effort is under way to embrace life, search for some new adventures, open up my world a bit, and feel more than I have allowed of late.  I am unsure how to proceed with this major project. My goal is to be more aware of what is available around me, to engage those I meet more deeply, by listening, and daring. 

There is not much happening on Ms G's part, unless, you deem sleeping 22 hrs a day to be a daring act.

I'll be back soon, and I leave you with this spectacular mixed pot that greeted me at the dentist this week. The huge coleus was truly aamazing and stopped me in my tracks for a moment to admire its loveliness.


Retired English Teacher said...

Summer has been too busy and has left us all a bit frazzled I fear. I am encouraged to read of your new determination about living life more fully. Dear friend, I hope you don't sink into doldrums. There is so much life out there. Changes can be so frightening, and the unknown is really frightening. I think that is why we must live one day at a time. The Serenity Prayer actually helps. I hope your visits this fall are all just wonderful.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Much of what you share
seems to be me at this time.
But I am totally solo
and you do have a special
companion and trips.
None for me...
But stay so busy here by the woods.
Like you
I am starting to feel like
myself again.'
Blame the past weeks on heat, storms, some stressful circumstances and now it seems all has settled and love the cooler mornings.
Enjoy this time
One day at a time.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Thanks for the nice comments E and S, and I know you know what the feelings are. Appreciate your words and things will even out when the temps are more moderate.
The Serenity is a staple in my life, Sally!! As you both say often, simplicity is the key.