Friday, August 17, 2012


It's been a Mad Men Friday evening here!  It is very hot and humid here, so I decided to stay at my house rather than do my ritual Friday night move over to LM's. It seemed wise to sleep in the comfort of my AC.  I finished a long and very busy week of work, came home and made a tuna sandwich, poured myself some ginger ale, added a dash of limeade, and settled in for a little Mad Men cavalcade.  Watching Season 4 had been  postponed too long.  What fun to just relax and enjoy some great acting, with beautiful costuming and sets.  As much as I love the series, the smoking and drinking are almost too much, but I overlook it as I savor the great dialogue and knowing glances.  Anyway, once again I am hooked and cannot wait for Season 5 to be available.

Now it is time for bed and dreams about being with LM and Ms G tomorrow when it is cooler.  In the morning, LM is coming over to help me move some furniture around, then we will pay a visit to a sweet cat I am caring for while his owners are on Long Island for the weekend, and after that we will be getting together with my son, Jason, wife, Alison and my sweet Teddy. 

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend of rest, fun and summer.


Retired English Teacher said...

Enjoy the weekend!

I've not gotten into Mad Men, but my sister and daughter love it. On a side note, I had to laugh a bit when I read about you drinking a ginger ale. That is my favorite drink! It is what I drink if I watch t.v.

judemiller1 said...

Hope your weekend was nice.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

I also love ginger ale
a brand from my Northern childhood
Vernors. Love to put ice cream in it...