Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Florida Herd

I know there's not been much news on my Florida feline relatives so, fresh in from their parents, are some new photos of them all, along with some glimpses of the quilt I made for daughter, Anne for Christmas.  As you can see it has the feline stamp of approval.  Obviously, Theo loves to cram himself into a tiny space!

Bella and Tig have a nap on the new quilt!
Grazing on the bed.....

The dedication label for Anne's quilt and a bit of the front revealed.

I am busy beyond belief at work and in so many ways, but all is well. LM and I just shared our first weekend together since before Thanksgiving. I had some cherished down time being a cat couch, and loved it.
     Blogger is so annoying!!   I embrace change in many ways, but the inability to post the way I always have, is a true detriment. Enough said!

Love to all!


Linda said...

I'm put out with Blogger myself today. The kitties are wonderful. I've been amazed at the beautiful quilts you taught Debbie to make.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Thank you for the update.
So far no problem in this direction.
I know it sure un nerves me when it happens.

Anonymous said...

I am finally able to comment on all my blogs! It was truly madning!! Love the photos of the kitties!! Wish you had sent me a photo of that quilt!! it looks nice and colorful!!! How do you make your little signs??? I want to do that!!!...debbie

judemiller1 said...

What's wrong here? I have absolutely no problem using blogger. Maybe you need to go in and look around and change some settings? Sorry you are having problems. Love the dedication label--it says it all!!!