Monday, January 2, 2012

Bonus Day

So nice to have this Monday off to make such a long weekend....LM was off visiting John last  night  ( alas, John saw in the new year behind bars, and we have no idea what is going to happen - hearing coming on LM's 75th birthday, Jan 26....very sad).  Anyway, after spending some time together at LM's house yesterday afternoon (that cat purporting to live there, never came out and gave her former Mum some love) and sharing a little mid-afternoon meal, I came back to my house and worked a bit more on my current quilting projects before returning to my post with the dogs.  I was delighted to find the New Year's Eve special from Vienna Austria on PBS and spent a very delightful evening watching that followed by a re-run of the last episode of the first season of Downton Abbey while knitting.  It was good to re-watch as the new season will start next week. I love every single thing about that series. Anyone else enjoying it, as well??

Today is beautiful, over 50 degrees and sunny, and after I finish up some sewing, I'll spend some time with Sara and Samantha.  Back to work tomorrow.  It will seem strange.


Anonymous said...'s snowing here. Drat! and pretty darn chilly. Barney is wanting out but I told him no, so he is being wild. I'm taking down the Christmas Tree today. Sorta hate doing that. I enjoy the lights. I wanted to see that series but never did, hopefully this year. Am going to make some more Pinwheels later. Can't sew long as my arm has some sort of infliction and hurts along with the right side of my neck, which is related, I think, to my knee killing me. I think a replacement will be sometime this year....jeez.
Enjoy the rest of your rest day!! ..debbie

Linda said...

Sorry about John's situation. Our niece is back behind bars. We were expecting a very long sentence this time around but not so, she only got two years.

Drug offenders are getting off lighter these days in Texas because of the overcrowing of the prison system.

It's interesting that major crime is down in the US but the prison population is exploding, mostly with drug users, and the mentally ill.

You'd think our elected officials would see that crime and punishment alone is not working. It's a different population from ages past. We need programs to help the mentally ill and addicted prisoners so they don't return. We're only spinning our wheels right now, or perhaps worse.

Who isn't getting it when prisons have to set up units for the mentally ill? How about treatment to prevent them from winding up in prison?

Excuse me, I'll get down off my soap box now.

Retired English Teacher said...

I'm sorry about John. Hopefully, that all resolves in a way that is beneficial to him. I hope his father can let it go. He has done all he can.

Enjoy your time. I would have loved watching those programs also. Downtime is good.