Monday, November 28, 2011


This is a few days late thanks to Blogger!

Happy Thanksgiving!! It certainly was a perfect period of giving thanks, sharing beautifully delicious food with family, a very long trip, and some dreamy-happy and productive time at home with Ms G (well, she is "at home" with LM, the cat thief, and she being a little traitor).

LM and I did a car buy for the local Ford dealer that took us to Red Lion, PA on Friday. It was great fun even if we were both pretty tired. Left home at 2:30 am Friday and returned at 1 am on Saturday. We had lots of fun and the ride took us through beautiful Amish farms. My brother, Ev came up from Baltimore and met us at the dealer and we had a nice lunch. The trip back was a bit more stressful as I was driving the car and LM drove the new truck. He is wonderful about keeping an eye on me behind him, and our walkie-talkies kept us linked and me alerted to any upcoming turns or lane switches. The last couple of hours I struggled to stay awake but we did it with no problems.

Saturday I awoke feeling refreshed and we did a lot of work around the house. Our November weather has been such that we could open all the windows and enjoy the lovely sunshine. Ms G spent the whole day under the quilt! Crazy girl.

I've been making amazing quilt progress recently and have two more ready to go to the longarm quilter. It is helping to keep my mind off the sadness of John's situation.

The picture below was taken by a friend of my son, Jason. You can see Jason between the two gasoline tankers, I love how the camera captured the truck lighting. Jason has a dangerous job and does it very well and with great care.

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