Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Day at Lunch; A Special Birthday; Everybody Must Get Stoned, Ms G Style

A mish-mash of catch-up today....
My view at lunch one day last week. Due to a major construction project that blocks the way to my house during each day right now, I drive about 1/4 of a mile from my office to Oyster Pond Beach and soak up some rays, eat my lunch and read, as well as chat with LM. Perfect lunch!
As I leave the beach parking area, this lovely array of mums brightens the way.
and, as I circle back to the office I see this lovely view ahead as I take a turn. The ocean colors are very brilliant in the Fall.
A few weeks ago, we attended a lovely party to celebrate a "new number" birthday for a very dear friend. Nan had already been feted royally in her home town of Saratoga Springs, but her Cape-contingent had yet to celebrate. She was finally able to come down with some great friends and we all had a wonderful time with delicious food and laughter.
L-R, Moi, Kim, our gracious host, Bob, Tom, LM, Deb, and Bev.
LM and Deb
The birthday girl, Nan showing off gifts from LM and Moi
A perfectly wonderful cake from Casual Gourmet.
When Nan visits, she always remembers to bring Ms G a gift. This time it was a cute bag of catnip. We were not home 10 seconds when she sniffed it out, grabbed it and began to play, roll, sniff, etc. It was so funny.
Everyday since, she has been having crazy love sessions with her stash. Thank you, Aunt Nan! You know how to get to this girl's heart!
The day after the party, LM and I felt the need to just be outside near the ocean and enjoy the beautiful day. We drove over to East Sandwich and walked on a beach that I have not savored in many, many years: Sandy Neck. It is an approximately 8 mile long barrier beach. In another life, back in the late 1970's-to late 1980's, I spent many a weekend there camping with my former husband. You must have a "beach buggy," or 4-wheel drive vehicle to access the beach and it is tough driving, but we loved it. I loved the total peace with just the sound of the waves at night, and would walk the beach for hours collecting seaglass. At night we would have campfires and visit with other camping friends. Good memories.
The dunes, sculpted by the wind, are very large at Sandy Neck and ever-changing. The Town of Barnstable oversees this very special place and it is conserved very carefully.
We walked quite a way and enjoyed the brisk air and beautiful sky.
Coming back to the car.
The beauty of our "back yard" never fails to renew my spirits and deep appreciation for my home turf!
PS. There was a little stop at a local quilt shop on the way to this walk!!

I'm feeling better about the changes that are coming fast and furious at work, and I am looking foward to some nice walks and time with LM this weekend. We are way past due.

Love to all.....


Anonymous said...

Such a nice Birthday Party!! Love all the Beachie photos! I was hoping to be in your area this Nov., but it doesn't look like it's going to happen. Mom is having eye surgery mid November so I'll be with her for a week. Perhaps the spring. I am in the midst of finding a home for 2 homless kitties. I caught both of them this morning and the goofy guy that came to pick them up couln't get the crate in his car so we were going to transfer mom and baby to it, and he put it in hind end first, big dope, and she got away. Damnit. We tried for an hour to get her but couln't. Mean while baby is screaming her lungs out. So he left with baby. Now I have recaptured the mom and waiting to see if I can meet him now...again!! But I am glad that he is taking both of them. Hated to seperate them. She is all gray like ms g - could be her sister. Baby was fuzzy and gray stripped. She is crying and crying for her baby. Bob won't be happy to listen to that all night. Wish he'd call back....debbie

Retired English Teacher said...

The photos of this special, to you, beach are wonderful. I have no idea what beach we were on, but my son and I went to one that looked a great deal like this one a few years ago. I couldn't get over its great beauty.

Sounds like things are going well for you.

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

What a beautiful place to live.
So different from my woods.
I yearn for the ocean.
When I look at your images
I can almost smell the salt air and the wonderful seafood.
Have a good weekend...