Monday, November 21, 2011

The Healer

Ms G just knows when someone needs love, comfort and warmth (although she did forget my feet).
After a tumultuous week that saw John return to jail for 18 months, LM and I were very anxious to be together, make a cocoon of peace for ourselves and come to our center. There was painful air to be cleared, and after I had my anger-filled say for myself, we are fine, and will hang on to our precious love to help each other survive. My heart is not feeling kindly toward John at this time and I am trying to find the elusive compassion. To see my beloved's heart torn to shreds, pushes me over the edge. It did not help that this all occurred in a week that had my energy and endurance tested to the max.
So....after the air was cleared yesterday morning, and my faith in the love LM and I share renewed, we had a nice day....we cooked together and had a lot of fun. We roasted a pile of turkey wings with vegetables and herbs, and made the Thanksgiving gravy from the drippings, turkey stock evolved from the roasted bones, and a wonderful casserole of turkey tetrazzini became dinner. I also roasted some blue hubbard squash. A rewarding, healing and delicious day! The rest of the evening we watched PBS, and Ms G loved continuing the healing by pinning me to the couch while we watched "Doc Martin."
Off to hang clothes out to dry and rake some leaves.
Happy Sunday with love from Cape Cod!
PS....This is a day late, thanks to Blogger!


judemiller1 said...

Glad you are there to help LM with your love.

Anonymous said...

Ms G, I am not able to access my blog. It's a terrible mess. They told me my server would not let me access my blog and to download Google Chrome. So I did, and am able to get to all my friends now, but cannot make any new posts. I am in distress. I have ordered a new computer. It is to be shipped out Nov 28th. Maybe I can figure this out and get my Blog back. ....debbie OH! love the photos!!!