Friday, October 28, 2011

My Current Charge

Pardon me for my absence....I'm thinking of you all, but very distracted by the presence of a certain little Boston terrier named Madeline. She belongs to a good friend from work who has gone to Paris for 10 days with his partner. Madeline does lots of sniffing and snorting and rooting around and has the biggest ears.
Meanwhile, I am in a Friday night tired dearest co-worker announced today that she has given her two week notice to take another job. I am heartbroken, yet know it is a good move for her, both personally and career-wise. We have worked together so well for all these years. Changes are going to begin as a result of this and it is very unsettling, as I know my job will become much different. It will be a lesson in acceptance and an exercise in embracing change, rather than having fear. One is never too old to learn new things, and I have a sneaking suspicion I'll be called upon to practice that old saw.
LM has been working non-stop. Instead of being in my arms as usual on Friday night, he is driving back from a trip to PA. He will get home in the early morning hours and leave again around 6 am to drive to NH. The car business is booming right now.
We're expecting a very bad northeast storm tomorrow and I'm afraid it will preclude my plans to go to a Halloween parade with Teddy and his parents. We shall see.
Meanwhile, I ramble here but wanted to touch base with everyone.
Have a wonderful weekend!


judemiller1 said...

Cute little dog. Hope you don't get too much snow, but I'll bet LM's trip might have been impeded by the storm. Change--how I hate it, but know that if you smile and let them know at work that you are up for anything new, it will be a lot better for you. Onward and upward.

Anonymous said...

Madaline is a cute little dog!! Bet Ms G will have a fit when she smell her on you!! I'm sure I hear the grumbling from here! So sorry your friend is moving on - I'm sure you'll miss her and I guess will take on some of her job from what you say. Hope LM is careful driving in all that stormy snow. Hope that was a freaky storm and we don't have another one till Jan. I am feeling frazzeled and can't seem to get my act together lately. Distracted by mom, a dusty house, and being fat. But today I've started back on track and started doing my eliptical again....ho hum...debbie