Monday, May 9, 2011

Whirlwinds and Whirl-a-Gigs

Spotted this cutie on a recent walk with LM....somehow it struck me as a metaphor for my life....somedays, anyway, and I do love me anything cat. Don't tell Ms G.
Thanks everyone for your concern lately. Coping with a very slow internet connection and a myriad of other things has given me no time to write.
My shoulder/arm injury has continued to give me a lot of sleep disturbing pain, and now a foot issue is impeding my mobility and also bringing it's own nasty level of pain to the party. Seeing my physician this week should shed some light on both issues, and hopefully, some relief which does not involve heavy-duty painkillers.
My whirlwind trip to Baltimore last weekend was perfectly wonderful, delicious, warm and filled with beautiful sights. The Sheep and Wool Festival was amazing and I came back with a few new "treasures." I promise a longer post with pictures soon. My brother and wife were just wonderful, and in a short time, we packed in some great memory making events.

From the wonderful and miraculous news department, John got to visit Vanessa at the rehabilitation hospital last Thursday and I am certain is was a profoundly touching time for both of these great young people. Vanessa has truly made a miraculous recovery and will be coming home this Thursday. She will need months of out-patient therapy, but she is alive, fully cognitive and walking on her own. We cannot wait to see her. There is a very large benefit event planned on May 21 to help Vanessa and family with expenses. We will be there with huge smiles and very grateful hearts. I am most certain that the beautiful positive energy sent forth through this little page, had a profound impact on Vanessa's recovery. THANK YOU!! I will do photos and a post on the benefit concert.
Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day! Mine was mostly spent in flight, but I knew the love of my wonderful children, LM's children and my mother were all with me, and as I walked from the plane, I was warmly embraced by my darling LM. What more could I want?? Oh, and in case anyone was worried about Ms G, she is so busy birdwatching - goldfinches are her current fave), and holding down the comforter on LM's bed, and playing John and LM, that she hardly noticed I was gone. LM does assure me, though, that she missed me very much, and was purring very loudly when told I would be home soon!!

Be back with to all.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that not only do you have shoulder pain but foot pain. Good Grief. Hope it's something that will be short~lived. Anxious to see your pictures of your trip. what fun! Was so so SO glad to read that Vanessa will be coming home. Hope she does well in her therapy. How nice John got to see her. I am counting down the days till the Neurologist. 1 week from today. I'm glad because I feel myself getting depressed. I did go out to eat lunch with some friends. They came and picked me up. It was nice getting out...debbie

Retired English Teacher said...

The news about Vanessa is great to hear. I am amazed at the resilience of youth.

I hope your shoulder gets better soon.

Happy to hear of your travels and that all is going well for you.

Beverly said...

Sounds like things are working out for relieved. Hope your issues mend...I guess at our age, something is always flared up.....Enjoy your visits to my blog! Aren't blogging friends wonderful?

Pearl Maple said...

Hope everyone is soon on the mend and able to enjoy the Cape's spring sunshine, love the whirl-agigs, you just don't see many of them outside of New England

Victoria said...

How happy I am to read these latest updates on Vanessa! God is good. So happy to know she is cognitive, walking and healing!