Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally Friday and Blogger is Back

While LM and a host of his fishing students will be doing this (the master practices what he preaches, and, well - it's a striped bass)
and this....(last evening on the student's first fishing field trip),
I am going to be resting with my badly infected toe up, iced and comforted as best it can be.
Yesterday found me rushing off to my primary care physician, followed by an emergency visit to a podiatrist. Sure hope they are right and that the high powered anti-biotic I am taking will begin to bring down the screaming pain and swelling in my right little toe and surrounding foot area. No idea on cause.
Meanwhile, also from the "getting old is a challenge" department, I will be having an MRI on my left shoulder next Tuesday to further investigate the injury sustained when I fell out of LM's bed last Feb. Still very painful. Good story, though.

In other news, Vanessa did come home from the rehabilitation center yesterday and is settling in to being at home. There will be a lot of in-home therapy and some out-patient treatment, as well. Recovering from a major brain trauma is a long ordeal. Her Facebook messages sound cheerful and hopeful. Visiting is being kept to a bare minimum as she is very tired and busy. John did see her yesterday.

Also, beginning tonight, LM is doing his annual Women in the Outdoors weekend....yes, he and a number of his fishing club friends will be teaching 20+ women to fish for 2.5 days. There will also be some classroom time. The weather forecast is cold, dark, and grim but they fish anyway! I will be in the comfort of my house cozying up to Netflix and my pillow to give my toe time to heal. I did hear a rumor that Sunday afternoon would be dedicated to a weekend re-cap and some alone time for me with LM. We shall see!
I am working on posts about my trip but having Blogger down for several days put a cramp in my style.....Happy weekend everyone.
Love to all!

PS.....Ms G is doing very well. She has John there for company, and a big box from was delivered the other day so she's been busy ripping all the tape off.....I ordered a baking stone and pizza peel. Breadmaking to commence when I am better.


Retired English Teacher said...

Oh do get well. I am so sorry that now you are having a problem with the toe. That sounds a bit scary. Keep it elevated and take your medicine.

I am quite impressed by the fish! Wow, maybe I should take some lessons. If I get out that way, and can somehow find time to fish, I know where I can go for lessons.

Take care of the shoulder. Get better all the way around.

judemiller1 said...

Sorry to hear about your toe. I wonder if you bumped it and didn't realize it? I broke my little toe once on the leg of the bed, in the dark. Sorry the shoulder is still bothering you. Why do things take so long to heal!