Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Mystery Date

LM totally surprised me last night! I arrived at his house and he was already outside waiting for me, dressed in nicely pressed khakis and a crisp oxford-cloth shirt topped by a sweater I gave him as a gift a while back. This is a man who wishes to wear jeans for any and all occasions! He looked so nice and was all, "hurry, we cannot be late." I relinquished the driver's seat of my car, and we were off on the mystery tour. There was some driving around in circles and deep chuckling, but none of my pleas for information were answered.
Within an hour, we were parking at a very elegant restaurant in the center of Hyannis. Hmmmm, I thought, he must be just taking me for a romantic dinner, but we walked in and were quickly led to a room filled with many of LM's longtime friends, and members of his revered and famous fishing club, The Cape Cod Salties (LM is past president 8 times), along with their wives and sweethearts. I was an honored guest as they celebrated Wives and Sweethearts night with a gala dinner. There were all sorts of gifts, and hilarious entertainment, as well as a delicious dinner (mine was sole and shrimp) followed by tiramisu. The company at our table was such fun. We told our love story and I made some very nice new friends. It was a perfect evening. Evidently the club stages this event to honor the partners of its members just before the fishing season starts, as once the fish start running, the guys are rarely home.....I'm lucky to have my guy, who pretty much plans his life around being available to me on the weekends! It was fun being with the group and seeing how respected LM is by his peers, and to hear how pivotal he has been in the growth of the club.
Now my love awaits his mystery tour tomorrow.......he's guessing to no avail. What fun!

Meanwhile, we came home after the fun evening, tired and happy....and fairly quickly, I was sound asleep. About 1 am, I got up to visit the bathroom, and upon my return, as I was climbing into bed (LM's bed is VERY high and although I am quite tall, I still have to climb up to get in), my knee slipped and I abruptly fell backwards onto the floor and landed wedged between the bed, a large heavy bookcase, and a lamp. Oh my, I had to struggle mightily to get myself up and back in to bed. LM was so soundly sleeping that he was not really aware of my dilemma. The rest of the night was painful as I have injured my shoulder, arm and neck. What is it they say about the worst accidents happening in the home?? I will not be doing too much work outside today......currently on the agenda is deciding on a place to put the birdfeeder so Ms G has a view. Guess I will direct and not do installation.


Retired English Teacher said...

You date sounds like it was great for many reasons. I'm glad you were able to get together with great group.

Take care of that shoulder.

Anonymous said...

It sounded like a wonderful night, lots of friendship and laughter! So sorrty you fell backwards and hurt yourself. Why in heavens name don't you get a little stool?! You can't be falling out of bed at your age!!! escecially if LM sleeps so soundly!! lol You need a buzzer tied around your next or a bull So glad you had a wonderful evening!! Can't wait to hear what you have planned for LM tonight!! ...debbie

judemiller1 said...

What a wonderful night you had--except for your backwards fall. What a nice thing for LM to do for you two.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Hi Everyone,
It really was such a fun time....I am feeling much better as the day went along today.

Beverly said...

We must be related....that is something I would have done. Falling, that is...hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

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