Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Sunny Friday

This just feels like a very happy don't suppose it could be related to the fact that LM has me scheduled for a mystery date, do you??

I am commanded to appear at his house at 5:30 this evening and that is all he's disclosed. He's been grinning like a Cheshire cat and has kept the secret well.

Stay tuned for a report tomorrow! Nervous anticipation is filling me up today. Strange, he chose this weekend, as I have a mystery date planned for him on Sunday. I cannot say what right now as he may be reading so that news will come later, too.

Wishing everyone a beautiful sunny, warming-up-to-Spring weekend. I'll be headed outside tomorrow to look for more signs of growth in the garden. This week has been frigid here. Even John and LM say they want to get outside to begin yard work! John is enticed by the huge brush pile we have to burn. I've always said there is a bit of pyromania in all young men!! LOL LM is going to get the burn permit this week and it will be a combined effort.

I know I haven't mentioned John in awhile...we are doing pretty well, all things considered. LM had a minor meltdown last weekend but he's been so calm through the whole ordeal that I was not surprised to see some cumulative stress come out. I took him by the hand and made him come to the bedroom and lay across the bed with me and admire the beauty of Ms G, stretched out in all her sunlit glory. We just talked it all through, as we patted Ms G, and he seemed much better and resolved to deal head-on with the triggering issue. Basically, John is very respectful, responsive to his Dad's requests, and doing what is expected. We are extremely disappointed with the Community Corrections program!! It had promised all sorts of help, re-training, life skills, counseling, etc. Virtually, he goes to a building each day where he sits with other convicts (most are VERY serious offenders) and is guarded for the duration of the required hours. Some days, they go out and pick up trash along the roadways or clean various locations. That is it! VERY SAD, and a huge waste of taxpayer money, not to mention the cost to LM to drive back and forth each day, including Saturdays.
I'm enjoying the time I spend with John on the weekends. We've been baking bread and making other meals and he is a very willing participant, consumer and learner. No idea yet, when the house arrest will end....most likely in a month or so, but the future is unsure as there are no jobs to be had, never mind for a felon. He wants to go to college but there is no money, no way to get back and forth, etc. No wonder our prisons are overcrowded with recividists. We fully realize it is not the entire responsibility of the prison system to rehabilitate these young people, but one would think some effort could be applied. LM and I feel powerless to some degree as we would just love to hand John the money for college, but cannot do it. So that is a little update. The subject of John consumes a lot of our life right now but we seem to be handling our discussions well, and working through some challenges as they are presented.

The rest of my time has been taken up with sewing, working and, I'll admit, a lot of just plain sitting in silence. I find myself a little disconnected but think that being outdoors will find me with a clearer head. I keep wondering if I've put myself in this limbo state in order to endure.

Today is the anniversary of Dad's passing......I miss him each day, and would just love to share things with him the way I always did. The envisioned chats work for a bit, but I crave the real thing. It makes me evermore grateful for the years I had with my wonderful father.

Back with mystery date news tomorrow!! Love to all......


Retired English Teacher said...

I'm so happy that you are looking forward to a date. I hope your weekend is fun, relaxing and allows you time to reconnect with LM.

I will continue to keep you all in my heart and prayers.

judemiller1 said...

I can't wait to hear how the date went--both of them.