Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Birthday and Spring Welcome

Last Saturday we finally celebrated Samantha's 4th birthday!! Alison, Jason and Teddy very graciously held the celebration at their house, and LM, Kristi and I arrived to great shouts of "Nana," from Teddy. As always, Alison had everything in readiness for a fun time to honor our dear Samantha. The dining room table was ready for the princess....
The bunny ears supplied fun for all, as Teddy insisted everyone have a turn.
Before dinner, Samantha helped us decorate the birthday cupcakes I'd brought along.
Teddy wasted no time appropriating someone's cell phone and here he is caught in the act.
Sitting around the table as we finished dinner reminded me so much of my childhood days...lots of laughter, and the antics of the little ones, bringing it forth.
Little did we know that Samantha was not feeling her best, and turns out she has quite a bad ear infection. She managed to have a good time despite it all.

Teddy with dear family friend, Monica....
Teddy still loves his antique swan rocker and lined himself up to watch Samantha open her gifts.
The "growing like a weed in summer" girl was delighted with the pretty new clothes she received.
The bunny ears were the best fun!
The cupcake tree. YUM! Also, Alison's simply delicious sugar cookies.
Kristi enjoyed every minute.
Love these smiles, despite the poor picture quality.
The next day was sunny and just warm enough to work outside, so John, LM and I were busy, as we continued clean-up from raking all the snowblower-displaced stones back in to the driveway, as John became demo man and took down most of the weather-beaten fencing, and did a lot of heavy raking. LM cleaned up after us and made dump runs. A most productive day. We had fun, especially John, pretending to be the grim reaper with a dangerous looking antique garden tool he found buried in the old shed.
We'd never have gotten this work done without John's help
Looks so much better now
My shoulder is making progress, but now I am a bit under the weather with a sore throat. I'm determined that rest, herbal teas and positive thinking that I will be much better tomorrow.

We have 4-5 inches of snow here this morning.....winter did not receive the memo that Spring has taken over!


Linda said...

I love seeing what I call Cape Cod houses. LM's is one.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful party! Bunny ears and all!! Really enjoyed all the sweet photos of the kids and the ones of you with the kids are also so sweet!! I would you can get a lot more done in the back yard with John!! I see a little barn out there for the donkeys. That will come in handy. Hope your feeling better today! Hello to Ms G and LM ...debbie

Retired English Teacher said...

It sounds like you all had a wonderful time at the party. I loved the photos.

I'm glad your shoulder is doing better. And, it sounds like John is making good progress.

I agree with Linda. I love the Cape Cod houses!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Happy Birthday, Samantha!

Glad to hear you're doing a bit better... get some rest! ♥

judemiller1 said...

I want to get out and clean up too! Winter still here. The grand kids are all adorable!

One Woman's Journey said...

Keep healing and hope Spring arrives soon in your area. It always arrives when it is suppose to:)

Julie said...

I hope to run into you one day and tell you in person how much I love your updates and wonderful family photos.
Spring is here today, or atleast the sun is shining and the snow didn't last long.


Kittie Howard said...

Gosh, taking that fence down really opened things up. I love Cape Cod houses...there's a hint of mystery about that intrigues. Also a sense of white curtains billowing and all's right with the world.

Oh but Teddy's grown! And Samatha is truly a beautiful princess. Loved the cupcake tree...really enjoyed all your photos. You seem to be in such good spirits, bright-eyed and happy. So nice!

kerly said...

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