Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Dealing with pain and impeded motion in my left arm has been the name of my game since my ridiculous fall off LM's bed a week ago Friday. I can hardly lift my left arm and have fairly consistent pain right down to my hand. Taking ibuprofen for pain control, but it is not working all that well. Anything stronger is out of the question. I went for a therapeutic massage last Tuesday and, as happens, the pain worsened after that. I'm hoping it will ease out a bit as the muscles respond to the massage. Yesterday, I did get to my chiropractor and she helped immensely.

All my pain is so inconsequential when weighed against what has happened, and continues to happen, in Japan. It is all so horrific. This living "breathing" planet we inhabit, is wont to big moves now and then, but the ensuing losses are so painful and the ripples affect us all in one way or another. My meditations have been for peace and strength for the survivors in Japan, as they cope and recover.

The weekend was fairly busy and there was lots more cooking. Again, we had oysters, and John and I made bread. Because of my arm/shoulder injury, I was unable to work in the garden in the sunshine on Sunday, but LM and John did a lot of clean-up, and moved the birdfeeder to a new, squirrel-proof location outside a living room window. This will provide prime bird watching for our dear feline.
May the Ides of March be good to you!

We are preparing for Samantha's birthday party on Saturday....this week I will be baking cupcakes to take for the little ones to decorate on Saturday before the party.
Tonight is yoga and that about winds it up from me right now.....


One Woman's Journey said...

Healing wishes are sent to you.
Please try and not do so much.
I am not good to give this advice as I have worked outside for days.
Using lawn tractor, picking up limbs, weeding and spreading mulch.
Every bone and muscle in my body ache. I will try and do what I am telling you.
We are driven :)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps an X-ray is in order. If it's not improving soon, perhaps you should go. Take another Ibuprofen - I take 3 when I need it - Doctor said that was fine. Another birthday for Samantha!! Seems like she just HAD her birthday. Know it will be fun! Take your camera!! Hope the arm feels better soon....hugs...debbie

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

I truly hope you feel better soon ♥

And as for Japan, my heart goes out to them. I pray for their recovery daily. So terrible...

Retired English Teacher said...

I'm sorry to hear the pain is still there. I hope it gets better by nursing it. If not, perhaps you will have to have an x-ray.

Get better soon.

Kittie Howard said...

Sending lots of good karma and healing wishes. But perhaps you should also have an X-ray. You could have a hairline fracture. I was reading a book on a train several years ago, dozed off, paperback landed just right on the stop of my sandaled foot. Yep, hairline fracture. Takes awhile for that to heal. *sends more healing wishes*

Kittie Howard said...

Since I'm reading backwards, I know that you will begin to feel better. I bought some Clementines today. They're sooo yummy!