Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Heroine

While there are many incredible heroines in my life, past and present, I cannot deny the power of a funny cat. Since John began house arrest at LM's house, Ms G has been pretty traumatized, living on the floor under the bed or in the back of the bedroom closet. She's skulks out when she thinks the coast might be clear, but more often than not, she has to dash back to her hiding place and wait patiently for LM to be ready for bed so she can play and have some love.
Depite all these challenges, Ms G is my heroine of the week. She showed me last weekend just what to do when your world is shaken up, your sleeping cave is dismantled, and big people are walking through your space all the time and coming between you and your love. She made an even better cave, she makes special time just for she and LM, she purrs more than ever, and finds out she really likes her new world, and she now has two men to fawn over her, give her treats and laugh at her antics. Last week a large birthday package arrived for LM. As much as Ms G loves packing tape, she was too scared to come out to see the beautiful sea blue down comforter that came out of the box, but it did not take her long at all to make her new cave under that gift on LM's bed. Now, daily, she can be found sleeping in a tight ball under the new comforter. Happy girl, and an insipiration of adaptability. Here she is on top in a ray of sunlight!

Things are going well....John is reporting to his program everyday without complaint, even making his own healthy lunch. He's looking in to jobs nearby, and is respectfully sharing his Dad's space and helping around the house. They are enjoying playing many vigorous games of they are watched by LM's sister, Lois, who visited on Sunday for LM's birthday celebration. Note the Ms G corner of the coffee table....she even gets to choose which treats she has. LM's gone 'round the bend with doting.
LM blowing out his birthday candles...that's quite the manic look on his face. He was determined to blow them all out at once.
The family......
It was a really happy day. Kristi's smile says it all.
We are taking the days as they come, and realizing that we have a rare opportunity to give John a sense of family he's been sorely lacking. LM is using this time to work on John's life skills and build their relationship. In a way it is all a gift.

Thanks Ms G for showing us that we must go with the flow in life and not struggle so hard against change. We're watching you, and so appreciate your example.


Retired English Teacher said...

Mrs. G. has a message for us all.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

She really is a wise little being, and as well as dispensing all her wisdom she is the purrveyor of laughter....

Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

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