Friday, February 11, 2011

Hiding Out

Most certainly, you can guess who is under that lump on LM's bed.......that is the coziest warmest place for a cute little gray purrson to be, and the lump squawks and squeaks, too.
This has been one of those weeks....I have not felt well since Tuesday....stayed home and slept a lot of the day...spirits low, too. I think a lot of it is physical, and the lack of daylight, warmth, with my body busily fighting off some invader, just zapped me hard. I boosted up my intake of potassium, had a very healthy green smoothie each day and have, just today, begun to feel like there is some relief. It also helps that the sun is shining and there will be some sun on the weekend. That means a walk could be in order.
Tonight, I am going to join Ms G in her cave and we might just invite LM to join us.
Happy weekend and may you all have some Valentine spirit....yah, I know, it is a "greeting card" holiday, but I like the intent, and the loving which comes in and goes out with the celebration.

Spring in 37 days!!


Anonymous said...

That silly girl! Am so glad to hear you'll be joining her under the covers! That is something great to look forward too!! I'm glad to hear that your doing a little tiny bit better! Every little bit helps!! Have a wonderful weekend!! We have sun again today!! It's 22 right now but going up to a heated 38!! Might have to take Coope for a walk. He is getting a little bit to big for my lap, which I don't like because I love to hold and hug him. He likes it too. Don't know what we'll do when he's a few months older...Enjoy your weekend my friend!! ...debbie

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Aww... what a cute picture :)

It's been one of those weeks for me as well; took off work on Monday and stayed home from school Tuesday. I'm just very "blah." Think I'm snapping out of it though (just in time for the weekend!) Have a good one! ♥

Linda said...

Sounds like a splendid plan to me. I'm very glad you're going to be able to join LM and Ms Graysea under that comforter. It's time.

Retired English Teacher said...

This weather can really get you down. I think your weekend plans will be just the ticket for spirits that will be lifted.

Buttercup said...

Hope you're feeling much better. I took most of today and didn't get out until 5:00. I slept late and just needed to rest. I'm so excited for the spring and so enjoying the days getting longer.

Happy Valentine's Day!