Sunday, February 6, 2011


The blogging world has brought some lovely, interesting and diverse friends into my life and everyday I am grateful for their words. They've encouraged me, "held my hand" and taken me on some interesting journeys into their own wonderful worlds, and laughed and cried with me.
Just making a quick post here today to ask that all my dear readers and Ms G fans, stop by at "Brighton the Corner Where You Are" and leave a few words of encouragement for my dear friend, Judy in Michigan.
Her wonderful partner, Fred, is very ill and hospitalized. I am sure they would appreciate any and all positive thoughts right now.
Judy, I'm sending you sunshine, flowers, good health for you and Fred and lots of love and thankfulness for all the kindness you have shown.

Thank you....I just know we have enough good energy to move mountains!!


One Woman's Journey said...

Marcia, starting following Judy's sharing - months ago - after reading a comment from you.
My heart goes out to them in this situation.

Anonymous said...

I most certainly will pop over there and send some prayers her, their way....debbie

judemiller1 said...

Thank you so much--I feel the encouragement.

Kay said...

I agree about friends in the cyberworld. I feel like I'm never alone and it's so easy to go out and meet new people and see what their lives are like.