Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Time with Samantha and Teddy

We're really locked into some very hot and humid weather here....it doesn't seem to bother the wee ones too much.......Ms Samantha has been busy playing outside in her little pool and one night last week we finally got a chance to spend some time together.....we had a nice dinner at a local waterview restaurant, and then she an her Mom helped me with grocery shopping....first trip in my new car (pictures coming). It's such fun having little conversations with the sweet girl, and tonight we hope to go for a walk or to the playground as the evening cools down.
Last Saturday, this funny one was my entertainment for the morning as his parents were both working. It was a stifling hot day....the worst yet. Teddy entertained me, and took me back 38+ years to when his daddy did the same thing.....wearing my shoes around the house. We read books, assembled and disassembled toys, played with the Etch-a Sketch (what a great toy that is), we sang a few songs and he helped me with some yoga poses. After several hours, Teddy just fell asleep and he was soundly sleeping for 2 hours or more. I do believe Nana had some sleep after a nice meditation and a bit more yoga.

The rest of the day was spent trying to stay cool in LM's very warm house. We did take a long evening ride in my new car and really enjoyed having the sun roof open to the evening air. The scent of a hot summer night took us both back to riding in a convertible on a teenaged summer night...heading out for a date. Really fun, with my favorite date.
Sunday evening found me home again and really struggling with the heat. I do have an AC unit but have not put it in because I just felt I would destroy all the progress I've made with my hip and back.....well....after a cold shower and having all the fans on, I was still unable to even lay down in my wet bed....the humidity had everything soaked. I finally just got up and bit the bullet.....dragged the AC unit across the living room (very large) and hauled it up to the window. EEEEEEEEK. I did it.....within an hour, RELIEF was mine. I'm a bit creaky from the lifting. and I know I should not do it, but in a moment of desperation, it had to be done.
I feel very fortunate to now have a cool dry retreat at the end of the day.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

What adorable children!

I'm with you on the humidity-- it's horrible here on LI. You're lucky you have any AC though; I'm stuck with the cold shower/fan alternative!

One Woman's Journey said...

same humidity and heat here in the woods. have a/c but trying to see how little I can turn it on. experiment - to see how low a bill I can get in this woods home.
be careful with heavy things. i should talk. we do not need to hurt our backs'''''

Poppy said...

Looks like you had a lovely visit with both Teddy and Samantha!

I'm glad you did not injure yourself getting that unit into the window and equally glad you were able to find some relief. As I said in an earlier comment (I'm getting all caught up with you today!!) the weather has been abominable! We have central air and I thank God for it every single day!