Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wild Beauty

Happy Independence Day!
This has been one of the most beautiful weeks I can remember here. Clear skies, very dry air, the sunshine lighting the flowers at their peak of beauty. At lunch I have been going to a little park near this beach and took a few photos around me on Thursday, while watching many families playing in the water.
From the bench at Oyster Pond:....a mare's tail sky.

The view directly in front of "my" bench.
Behind my bench....this lovely bow-roofed home has a perfect view of Oyster Pond and lovely gardens.

One night last week, LM and I went for a walk in the early evening fog at West Dennis beach and these are a few shots taken along the way.
Wild roses

Wild rosehips, prized for their medicinal value, tea, and jelly made locally.
Queen Anne's lace
Shortly after that nice walk, we stopped to have ice cream in W. Harwich and as we parked these beautiful roses, lilies and privet filled the heavy foggy air with scent.

Yesterday morning before work, I took this photo of the iconic Hydrangea Walk house, with their namesake flowers at peak. My company did a massive renovation/restoration of this house in 2008. It is a local treasure owned by lovely people.
Well, that is a little glimpse of my place on this wonderful planet. Hope you are all having a lovely 4th weekend!


Beverly said...

Loved the is beautiful there!!

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

What a beautiful place... I so very much miss Cape Cod :( I was in Port Jefferson this afternoon, and it reminded me so much of it... can't wait to go back again!

P.S.- I'll be e-mailing you tonight with my angel cake recipe ♥

Poppy said...

Again...gorgeous scenery surrounding you! You're so blessed to live in that beautiful area!