Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's Go to the Beach - Cooling Off

We're havin' a heat wave here on Cape Cod......Sunday, the 4th, we had a lovely day....despite some unusually high temps for this sandy elbow we live on. Capping off a perfect day, LM and I drove to nearby Red River Beach in South Harwich on Nantucket Sound to walk along the water's edge for an hour or was about the only place we could find a cooling breeze and it felt so good to have our feet in the water and feel the waves slapping against our very warm was peaceful and fun, as we walked along, hearing the laughter of many who lingered late into the day drifting on the breezes, along with the soaring terns and gulls. Come along with us for a bit.......

As always, when near the water, LM must scan for fish.....he got back to the car before me, and this was the scene as I made my way up the you suppose he was scanning for bikinis, too???
"Just looking for fish, Sweetie"
Quickly, we were on our way home to sleep early, as we were arising at 4 am to launch our car trip to Long Island on Monday....very long day, and scarily hot, but very beautiful and worth every second. As always, LM makes every trip an adventure. Not too many photos of that day but I will post what I have tomorrow.
Keep cool everyone. This is such a beautiful summer so far......not sure why but there's only been
1 and 1/2 nights of cramping/pain since last Sat. What a relief. Thanks for the comments and comfort. You are all the best.


Anonymous said...

I could just feel the sand washing away under my nice. The smell of the ocean, and the call of the gulls were close in my mind as I looked at your photos. And the sound of the waves. You are lucky to be near the water. It looked pretty good. Yesterday here was 97 with high humidity. I hear the east is having 100 degree weather...Eeeek!! So glad to hear your cramps held off for you. Don't anticipate them...they may come sooner. Just forget about them, and maybe they'll stay at bay. We are leaving in 15 min. for South Carolina...gotta go! Have a great weekend and thank you for your sweet comment on my diagnosis....debbie

Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Looks like a wonderful day :) The pictures are lovely ♥

the Provident Woman said...

Looks beautiful there. I've only been to Cape Cod once and I loved it. Your pictures make me really want to go to the beach.

Anonymous said...

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