Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shower for Laurie

Last Saturday was a lovely shower/party for my friends, Jeff and Laurie, who are getting married on August 7th. (Click on the link to read their story!)
Laurie arrived home from a day at the beach with her "man of honor," Peter, to find her house full of friends and family, waiting to surprise her with a lovely array of gifts and good wishes.
Pretty flowers and incredible cake, in keeping with their seaside/boating theme.
Laurie and her wedding attendants
....with her lovely Mom
Jeff arrived back from a day-long fishing trip, just in time to help open gifts.
Laurie's sweet dog, Gracie, was a big helper, too, and dispensed lots of kisses.
Opening their favorite gift, a portable, cordless marguerita maker....

A dear friend and fellow boater, gave them this beautiful nautical map of Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal.
It was really fun and soon will be time for me to present them with the quilt.....eeeeek.....I hope they like it. The quilt will be back in my hands for finishing on July 10 and pictures will be forthcoming.


Erin @ I Heart New England said...

Looks like a lovely party... I want that nautical map! :)

bySarah said...

they will LOVE your quilt. (I cant wait to see it myself.) In the meantime, it looks like they had a great party!!

Anonymous said...

OH phooey, I was thinkin' the last photo would be your quilt!!! Bummer. Guess we'll all have to wait!! Looks like a fine party! Bet she was surprised!...debbie