Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Morning

Beautiful clear and cool night for sleeping last night, not waking to the alarm at 4:45 am meant I could wake naturally about 6. Such a luxury.
Last night was sweet as LM came for dinner and we enjoyed a light weight movie - just perfect for the end of the week.
Pain in my hip and knee persists and the balance with pain medications is becoming quite a struggle. My dear dear doctor, Mary, called me last night at 6 pm to tell me that the x-ray results show some serious issues in my lumbar spine, and they are most likely the cause of all my pain. I am now booked for an MRI on Monday evening at 6 pm.

I cannot let this keep me down, although I have been cautioned AGAINST walking too far, exercise, and GARDEN WORK. Oh, OH. LM says he will have to trade me in for a more able model as he cannot handle his grounds himself. Yah, right! Not to worry.....he's kidding. He's keeping me around because I am Ms G's "mother."

Anyway, today finds me leaving for the farmers' market in about 20 minutes. Many more vegetables coming in now, and I want to buy a big bouquet to take to a friend I will visit in N. Truro this afternoon. Barbara and I have a long friendship which began in Sandwich many years ago. At that time I worked as a chiropractic technician in a very historic and beautiful old building, and she lived in a spacious and lovely apartment on the second floor. We became fast friends and when she married and moved to N. Truro, I was able to move in to that aparntment, and I LOVED it. She's been widowed twice since that time and is now in a wonderful new relationship. We have shared so much through the years, and I always look forward to our visits. Usually, we go in to Provincetown and walk around, have lunch at The Lobster Pot and then shop at all the wonderfully funky shops, but today, activity will be curtailed by my hip. Oh well, we will find some great place to have lunch, enjoy a view and catch up. We do plan to visit a stained glass artist's studio this afternoon. I will try to get photos. These two artists have done some lovely custom work for the home my company builds and I have always wanted to see their process.

Tonight I will visit with Ms G and LM.....they may get a bouquet, too!
Happy weekend......Cape Cod is glorious today.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about all your pain. At least you know where it's coming from. Guess the MR will tell you more. The fresh veggies around here have been great. We are enjoying fresh corn almost every other night and fresh tomatoes every day. I picked three tomatoes from my little pot plants today - we had them for dinner...boy, were they yummy. Let us know how the MRI goes...debbie