Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just Stopping By

Not much news in my world, and it seems that way for many blogging friends. August brings the doldrums to some, and thus it is here.

We have heavy humidity and high temperatures lurking about, and, for once, I am grateful to come to work for the AC. I have it at home, too, and it is getting me through the nights.

Last night I had the MRI done on my back to see if we can identify the source of the pain in my hip and right leg. Results should be in by Friday. Meanwhile, I have a better handle on the timing for medication to keep the pain under control.

My weekend trip to Provincetown was very lovely. We were able to park near the pier and within a short walk we were at "The Lobster Pot" to have lunch. It was perfect as always. The harbor was teaming with activity and we sat on a bench in the sunshine for awhile taking it all in and continuing our catch-up conversation. Barbara is such a dear friend and we rarely have the opportunity to be alone to share our thoughts. She's been through a lot in the last year, too - a hip replacement and then the near loss of her husband to aheart attack. He is having a slow and arduous recovery which keeps her confined to home too much, but it is what she wants to do.

Late Saturday afternoon found me at LM's, pretty tired and in a lot of pain. I also was in need of some love from Ms. G......not to be. I was there for at least 5 hours and she never showed her sweet little face. As I was driving home, LM called to tell me that she appeared within minutes after I left. Is there a message here ??? Me thinks she is a bit peeved. LM is getting LOTS of kitty love! Sunday was a repeat of the same. Never saw her at all. LM and I did accomplish a lot. He brought me a huge pile of papers which needed sorting (and lots of discarding) and I went through the entire project in no time. He's making great progress on the paperwork of Bob's estate and is just about done. This is also enabling him to make some needed financial arrangements in his own life.

Life is really quiet.....grief is in the background, and managing the pain is time consuming. It has given me space to meditate, deeply breathe and rest, although not quite the way I would have it, it is the way it must be. As I broke down in tears to LM about the frustrating pain on Sunday, I also heard myself say, "I know this will pass and I will be back walking and having an active life again." Just for today, I am accepting where I am. If this hip/back issue HAD to happen, the August doldrums is the perfect time, as it is too hot to be moving much anyway!

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Poppy said...

You're so fortunate to have a friend like Barbara. Since the loss of the baby many of my friends disappeared. Now that the situation with my son has transpired the rest of them have flown the coop. I think it was hard enough to for them to know what to say after the baby but add in the craziness with my son and I guess it was more than they could handle. I've stopped trying to get in touch with any of them, they don't return calls. I guess that's the way it's going to be. Makes me very sad.

So continue to treasure your time with your friend...she sounds like a gem.