Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grief Relief - Part II

Who wouldn't have grief relief with a visit from this funny, beautiful little darling! Baby Teddy and his Mom and Dad came to visit on Sunday morning and we all went for a lovely walk through Chatham village and the Old Village.
Huge leaves adorn these beautiful border plants along a walkway to some shops.
Just after we turned off Main St and headed into the Old Village, this hawk caught Jason's eye as he landed on a limb. There was a cacophony of chirping from all the little birds near-by.
We spotted these imaginative chairs designed to look like lobsters. They have eyes and the arms are shaped like claws! They are also wired so must light up at night, or it's to protect them from being removed from their perfect place.
Roses are blooming everywhere right now but most are looking sad due to all the rain we've had.
Hydrangeas are beginning to bloom but not quite at their peak.
Looking out to the Atlantic from the far side of the house above.
Alison gazing at the grounds of a lovely Chatham icon.
Deep purple clematis
Back onto Main St where flowers seem to be lighting our path

Sears ParkBack to my house to change this cutie pie before heading to have lunch at LM's....notice he is just about to crawl. His giggle is so infectious, and he delights in every new move he takes.
The terrace awaited us at LM's
Proud Daddy
......and Mom
A glance at the back entrance and garden at LM's where we put in countless hours over the weekend, pulling out dead shrubs, overgrown vines and putting some powerful new loppers to use!
The street corner side which has an amazing ground cover of English ivy overgrown with honeysuckle which is blooming and scenting the entire house right now.
It really was such a healing, loving and energetic weekend. My muscles are still screaming but it is all worth it and they need to move anyway!
In other news, my home laptop is about dead so I am shopping for a new one with the help of the work techie. Getting this posted has taken awhile.
Hope everyone is enjoying summer!


Kristi said...

What a gorgeous boy your grandson is! You live in an incredible place. I've only been to Cape Cod once, 20 years ago on my 8th grade class trip, but I remember it's beauty and history well.

Thanks so much for delurking on my blog the other day. :)

Beverly said...

Such a cutie pie. He will be into everything soon.

I always enjoy trips through Chatham. I only wish I were walking with you!

Hope your muscles adjust to all the new movements.

Anonymous said...

First of all, let me say that Teddy is just darling! In one of the last pictures, his outfit makes him blend in with the carpet!! lol And I loved the tour down Main and the shore. I really want to get there soon. So glad your having more good days. Time helps...debbie