Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cat Fishing

Guess who came to visit Ms G? Of course, she dragged "her fishing pole" right over to engage her "boyfriend" in play, but first she has to appear disinterested.

The coy act didn't last long and the games commenced.
This went on for about 45 minutes....

Time for LM to go home so he stopped fishing and those two just locked eyes. It is very sweet to see.
The sun is shining here!!! Still quite cool but we'll take it and be delighted. LM is in NJ tonight on a car swap for the local Ford dealer. People must be buying cars again as the calls for work have been coming in everyday. He's happy to be on the road again and calls me often to check in and tell me all the sights.
We are planning a 2 + week road trip to FL in November so I'm keeping busy with the planning. We'll take the western route and travel the Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway. It should be beautiful and is something we have both wanted to do. We'll stop a day or two in Asheville, NC to visit a dear friend. The goal of the trip is to take Kristi to swim with Dolphins at Discovery Cove in Orlando (PRICEY!!) and to go to Busch Gardens/Tampa. She is 40 and has dreamed about doing this trip for as long as she can remember. Finally it will happen. While in FL we will stay with daughter, Anne and her family so that will be an added bonus. I'm really looking forward to finally meeting Theo, my latest feline grandchild.
That's it from me today. Happy to be happier. Wishing the same for all.

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Anonymous said...

Things are looking up! your looking forward to a trip! Wonderful!! Sounds like a great trip. If you need me to go to carry your luggage, just let me know! What are you going to do with Ms. G while your gone? She can stay here. Maybe ole' grumpy Ernie will brighten up with a woman around the house!...debbie