Monday, July 6, 2009

Grief Relief - Part 1

Mini-me! All the time we were together on Friday, I kept looking at Samantha and seeing my mother, but it was not until tonight when I downloaded these photos, that I saw myself, in the many pictures from the same age.
July 4th week promised that good weather would return in time for all the festivities, and slowly but surely the fog and rain lifted away from Cape Cod. Friday was a day off for me and I planned to spend time with daughter, Sara and her sweet Samantha. The sun was still not showing its shining face, but we headed out in the fog to a new park, for a walk near the sea and time for Samantha to play. It was lovely to see how adventurous she is and to watch her interactions with the other children, while Sara and I caught up on her life and the challenges she faces these days. Her husband was laid-off from his job sometime ago and trying to make ends meet is a day to day struggle. Sara does maintain a good attitude, though, and just knows that a job will come in some form soon to ease the crunch. Meanwhile, she is enjoying every minute with her dear little girl and it shows. Sweet to watch.
Wild daisies blooming on our park walk

After the playground fun, we had lunch and then I was off to LM's house where we put in a solid 6 hours of work in his yard! We have such fun working together and it was nice to be feeling happier and free of tears for awhile.
4th of July morning, I awoke to the most beautiful crystal clear air and sunshine....such a gift, the sun has never seemed so welcome or be continued.........

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Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you are having some good days. I pray for more in your days to come. I can see a little of my self in my grandaughter Madison. Not all the time, but there will be a look in her eyes, or a face...something. It's neat how the genes work!!...debbie