Monday, December 4, 2006

A Lovely White Shawl

Winter paid a visit to this lovely place today and gave us a 2 hour snowstorm with huge beautiful flakes, leaving a beautiful lacy shawl on the rhododendrons outside my office window.
Everyone seemed so happy to see the snow and there were numerous exclamations of joy that winter has finally come in time for Christmas parties and other seasonal events. 3 days ago it was 70 degrees!

Snow was more beautiful than ever today, in fact everything was enhanced by the happiness I feel. Of course, Ms. Graysea senses something and has been clingier than ever. Knitting is interfering with HER lap time and it is not going over well. We all need love.


Beverly said...

I just found your blog from Farmgirl Susan, after you replied to her icicle pic. I thought it amazing when I read where you live. I honeymooned in Chatam in 1986, in cottage around an old sea captain home that now serves as the restaurant. We were close to a cresant(my spelling??)beach. Well the marriage failed and I too am alone and except for my children and grandchildren, I have no social life. I work full time in a Newborn ICU and have lifelong friends, but they are married,yadda yadda. I will have to read your posts and find out about your life. The one about your older friend is scary. I see myself sliding there faster than I like.

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Yes, live in Chatham and know exactly the place where you honeymooned...Wequasset Inn. In fact my company designed and rebuilt the entire pool, cabana, outer bar and dock area last year. It is so beautiful.
Feel free to e-mail me at
I would love to talk more with you.
Cape Cot Kitty