Thursday, November 30, 2006

Out here on this elbow of Cape Cod MA, this is a very common scene. Summer/Fall seems to last so long. Yesterday, I walked at lunch, through a small unassuming neighborhood, behind my office, and was just amazed at the warmth of the sun, but even more so at all the flowers still to be enjoyed. Many roses, tiny white flowers on smoke bushes, mums and even a few hydrangeas which are still blue, were along the way. We are almost surrounded by water on all sides here and it does set us up to have lots of fog but it is a lovely filter for the overwhelming beauty.
That walk just inspired a few lines. Grateful I can see it, as so many who live here don't even notice.

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Patry Francis said...

I love Chatham! What a fantastic place to take a lunchtime walk.