Sunday, December 10, 2006

Under, Over and in the Weather

Sinus problems from seasonal allergies leveled me last week. It became a productive knitting time and gave Ms. Graysea lots of lap time, although she did have to compete with knitting needles. Just working on a fun fur scarf, nothing elaborate, just pretty and fun. Missed the office Christmas party.

Being 5 months out from a total knee replacement, each day is a new experience as my body adapts to its new titanium part. It feels especially strange when the weather gets very cold. There is an amazing feeling of strength in the new knee, though. It finds me out in all sorts of weather pushing myself to walk more each day. 3 miles is now nothing, yet it seems like yesterday that I could only walk a few feet from my front steps. Guess, I have weathered that storm, although it was one of my biggest challenges to date.

Now it is on to facing my Mom's birthday and the anniversary of her death. I must also help my father past these dates...they are less than 24 hour apart and on the week of Christmas. It will pass quickly but Dad's pain, although unexpressed, is palpable. For Dad there is little relief until the date passes.
A year ago Friday, a very strange storm struck this little corner of Cape Cod. It was a combination of a hurricane, blizzard and tornado. Many 1000's of trees were uprooted. On a relatively balmy December afternoon I was watching a rainbow out my office window and within seconds it became black as night, trees began flying through the air and blinding snow appeared. The storm lasted for several hours, took out power for many days and blocked roads. The next morning, I drove almost two hours to my Dad's where I knew there would be power and warmth, only to find him nearly unconscious and in kidney failure. He spent several scary weeks in the hospital, but his strong spirit prevailed both storms and he is here with us a year later. What an incredible life! That storm in his life spared him the anniversary dates last year as he was on medication which kept him sedated. Back to reality this year.
Weathering these little storms is what life is all about and the wind can fill my sails to continue the journey, if I keep my eyes focused on the fact that this is all part of a larger plan.


Beverly said...

My cousin's mother died this October. She had been in a nursing home for nine years and it had been difficult for my cousin to care for her and I think she thought her mom's death would bring some wanted relief. But, it hasn't. This Christmas will be hard for her. My mother has been gone 9 years and I still miss her. Time helps, but we have to deal with our losses, no matter how we feel. I will remember you and your father during this time.
Yes, you nailed my honeymoon spot. I never really knew how to pronounce it. I will e-mail.

sher said...

Oh my!! What a post! I related to so much of that and it moved me very much. My mom has been dead for 10 years and I still think of her all the time. There are always moments when it's fresh. I'm so glad you discovered your dad in time.