Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Cat Life

Ah, to be able to spend the day following the sun around the house.....the above precious furry one is my grandcat "Ms Bella". She lives in sunny Florida with my oldest daughter so has way more sun to enjoy than we do in MA. She has mastered the technique of relaxation and is also adept at keeping her humans at her beck and call. My daughter claims that Bella herds everyone around so that each and every desire is filled promptly, ie. treats, food, water (running fresh at all times, of course).
Ms. Graysea also has this human well in control, being very forceful about when, what and how she would like her treats served, her fresh water run, and when it is time for me to become a cat couch. Bella and Graysea are wily critters, most of all for the way they have captured our hearts.
We often comment that it must be a gray cat gene but then I have known many other wonderful cats in my day, and life would not be complete without a furry presence to tell me what to do!


Samantha said...

Ms Bella is beautiful :)

Cape Cod Kitty said...

Ms. Bella says thank you all the way from FL. She is a lucky girl, having been adopted from a shelter. She quickly took over and manages the humans (my daughter, husband and two sons), who have the honor of living with her, quite handily. They serve her freshly drawn water in a crystal goblet on demand, and they respond well to her frequent calls for treats! She also has taken charge of their other cat, Tig!
I will write more about my beautiful gray "keeper" after I get the holiday festivities behind me. Stop by again! Also, I will be receiving a digital camera for Christmas and will be posting more fun cat photos and beautiful Cape Cod pictures.

sher said...

She is indeed beautiful!! And she is very good as basking in that sunshine. What would life be without a cat? I've never not had a cat--so it would be very strange. Have a very Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing your pictures withthe new camera. I do envy you living in Cape Cod!!!!