Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Good Morning From Ms. Graysea

"I am waiting for my treats, and if I look cute enough, I know she will open the package."
Ms. G gets me with the power of positive thinking and actions EVERY time. If I was only as smart as she is, my life would be even more amazing.


farmgirl said...

I absolutely love this photo! She is such a gorgeous shade of gray. And that picture of Bob is too cute for words. So nice to see and read about your life by the sea. Oh, how I do miss being near the ocean. . .

And thank you so very, very much for all the kind and lovely comments you leave on my blog. Cary & DDD (who is doing just dandy, by the way) were thrilled to find out they are famous on Cape Cod! : )

Ramona said...

Hey! Thanks for your kind words on my blog! That was a nice surprise. Congratulations on keeping your weight off? I think that is the biggest struggle.
Love your kitties too!
And, that pic of the sea is lovely! I've always wanted to visit Cape Cod, it sounds so romantic.

Ramona said...

Ooops! I didn't mean the question mark on the end of the congratulations! I had edited my comment and didn't change the punctuation.

gerry rosser said...

Another Cape Codder, yay!
Saw your comment on "A Walk In My Shoes." I visit there like daily.

We're in Falmouth in the Summer.

So, Hi.