Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Canada Trip - Part 3 - Waterloo

A whole lot of life, profound sadness and feeling of loss for the victims in Pittsburgh, wild and unusual storms with tornadoes, crazy cat stuff, and catching up with friends, is going on here!
Grasping for some hope and relief, and amidst deep reflection, the need for the light, love and joy we felt on our trip needs to be re-lit......so here we go with more photos.   

Bright beauty welcomed us as we arrived at my sister, Margaret's lovely home
in Waterloo, Ontario.  The city is booming, the new light rail system has come a long way, and the streets were abuzz with campus life. 

Margaret treated us to a lovely dinner out with both her girls and their partners, at the trendy new Proof  Kitchen and Lounge, just around the corner from her house, in the beautiful new Delta Hotel.  Every plate served was a work of art, but I think this salad was especially lovely with all its colors!

LM and I enjoyed my favorite Fall wine, this beautiful Niagara Gewurztraminer.

This photo of Margaret and I made me laugh out loud...I am my Dad and she, our Mum.  Always so happy to be together.

I love this close-up....the face of joy, resilience, creativity and love.

There was calamari!
Our charming waiter, with his face and personality of Oktoberfest aglow, suggested The Proof's most popular dish, Weinerschnitzel. Margaret opted for this spectacular dinner, and was not let down. It was so generous that 3 of us shared the leftovers with great relish, a few days later!  It came with sweet beet sauerkraut, and heavenly mashed potatoes, and many other little treats, on a very large wooden board. Swoon worthy!
The Proof's ceiling and lighting were so interesting!
Ellie and Andrea - oh, what a joy to be with everyone!!
Andrea enjoyed a wonderful veggie burger and duckfat fries!

Emmy and Matt.....So happy to be together with you always!
We really had a perfect evening and conversation.

Prior to our visit, Margaret and I had been discussing all the things she wanted to do, among them, shoe shopping!  MS-related walking difficulties mean that M needs to choose shoes carefully, they need to slide along a floor easily, and be open to allow her feet to breathe, and they must have some essence of style, of course!!  Off we went to Walking on A Cloud shoe store, and, with the help of the dedicated, intuitive and attentive, Jim, Margaret has two new pairs of shoes, and I have some, too. THANK YOU, Margaret!

My feet are very difficult to fit, and my recent metatarsal breaks have not made it any easier.  These Reikers are truly like walking on a cloud!  Cute, too!

One of our days was spent visiting Ellie and Andrea in their beautiful new home!
We were so excited to be there, and amidst the greetings, etc, I neglected to take a photo of the outside!  It is a mid-century modern red brick duplex in an old part of Kitchener, Ontario.  This house was constructed with true old-time craftsmanship, and in Ellie and Andrea's creative hands, has quickly become a welcoming and warm home for them, and their darling, Chico (kitty).  Everywhere you turn, is a reflection of their love, artistic talents and happiness!
These Chessie cat photos were treasures from my Mum's house, and look so perfectly at home.

Of course, I had to photograph the beautiful turquoise bathroom....all original
and so pretty!
Andrea and Ellie have lots of children in their lives, and I loved how a wall in the guest room is adorned with a collection of art gifts!

We were treated to a lovely array of delicious snacks, and thoroughly enjoyed the bright and beautiful living room.
The back yard is huge and has just been completely enclosed with new fencing.  It also has an original clothesyard, and I see gardens emerging soon!
Heading to the second floor, the wall features portraits done of each other by Ellie and Andrea. 
Of course, a Kliban cat calendar hangs on the kitchen wall!
The lovely Chico, gazing at cat whisperer, LM

Margaret admiring the kitchen decorating!
One of Margaret's beautiful quilts in the master bedroom.
Chico assessing LM's trustworthiness!

She hopped up to a table right at the end of LM's reach...see the ears!
It was a great visit. Sadly, Ellie was off to work, but the rest of us joined Andrea for a delicious dinner at an authentic Oktoberfest Hall.  No photos, alas, it was too dark, but we had fun and more delicious food.

Another day, we were visited by Margaret's next door neighbor, Suzanne, and her elegant and friendly cat, Jazzy.  What a beautiful creature.  He comes right in, makes himself at home, and we fell in love.
LM's hand, of course

Such a sweet beauty.

Saturday morning we visited the St. Jacob's Farmer's Market. It is a huge place with acres of shopping, outside and inside.  The apple fritters and beautiful fruits and veggies were wonderful.

A wall at "The Crazy Canuck" restaurant.....we had a late breakfast and visit to an antique mall with Margaret.  License plates from all the Provinces.

Margaret recently completed this masterpiece quilt called, "Down the Rabbit Hole."
A Sarah Fielke pattern.

One evening, Margaret's quilting group, The Sew and Sews, met with us and Lou got to meet this TINY Pomeranian, Priscilla, owned by one of the members!  

Lou took this photo of me wearing one of the forget-me-not necklaces I brought to commemorate, Margaret's late husband Jerry.  We were very grateful to be able to attend a little memorial service for Jerry while visiting.  He was a wonderful husband and father, and we shared so many happy times. We miss him very much. 

More to come............for now, I leave you with wishes for peace, tolerance, and love as you go about your days.

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