Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Canada Trip - First Leg - Home to Napanee, Ontario

Let the adventures begin!!!  But not before a very bizarre evening unfolded.  All plans in place, car packed, we were in bed at 7:45 pm, my alarm set for 2:30 am, or so. LM went off to sleep in a flash, despite the very heavy damp air, no matter what I tried, sleep escaped.  It became a struggle that was never to resolve. About 10:30 I began to hear noises outside, in the usually stone-still neighborhood.  Hmmmm, maybe the neighbors has just come home, no that wasn't it, the sound of someone digging with a shovel, was my best guess, and it kept coming, the sound closer and rhythmic.  Do I wake up Lou?  no.....he has such a long drive ahead in the morning and it is expected to be in the heavy rain descending on us from the remnants of Hurricane Florence.  So, I got up and walked out to the dining room, pulled the curtain aside to peek out at the neighbors house. By this time I am quite certain the odd/crazy neighbor, has killed his wife and is preparing a grave to destroy the evidence. Pushing the curtain closed, and cuing my brain to calm down and be rational, I got back in bed.....the noise continued, lights going on and off outside, etc.  10 minutes passed, and I got up again to look. Still seeing nothing, while the noises seemed close enough to shake the house.  Back I went and woke LM. He jumped up with a startle and listened to my tale of murder, etc.  He picked up his flashlight and made his way to the kitchen, back in to the living room, hearing the noises, listening by the chimney, and THEN, rushes to the backdoor and out on the terrace, exclaiming, "I know what it is." He looks up and starts laughing loudly. There, on the roof, over the kitchen, were his son John and girlfriend, Abby, working diligently on laying down and securing, a HUGE tarp.  They knew with the hurricane rains coming, that Dad's old leaky roof, had to be secured. We all erupted into gales of laughter that continued on and on while they finished their mission.  Around midnight, they left, after being profusely thanked, and we tried to go back to sleep. LM was successful but I ended up on the couch reading until it was time to leave.  As planned we were in the car and backing out of the driveway, when the first of the rain began.  It was to haunt us for about 4 hours!!

The Massachusetts Turnpike .......so many big trucks kicking up the already torrential rain As always, LM is a steady and very competent driver, Whew!
The darkness began to lift but the leftover Hurricane Florence rains persisted and we thought about the people in the Carolinas and elsewhere, still reeling from the full effects of the storm.
By daylight, we had reached New York State, and this lovely rest area by an Erie Canal lock.  LM took a tiny nap, and I got out to walk about and see the canal.  The air was still so eerily warm. 
Lock 13 Erie Canal.
Looking west from the lock.  The fog sitting in the hills was very beautiful. 

 Back in the car, and we were soon driving out of the storm clouds, in to a lovely warm day.

The trip will evolve into a series here, as time permits, and meanwhile, I wish everyone peace, joy and love as we enjoy a lovely summery Fall day here on Cape Cod. 

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