Saturday, January 20, 2018

Picnic Basket Wars, Skirmish 1

The picnic basket perch has been Betty's since her sweet black velvety self became part of our family a year ago.  Suddenly last evening, the perch was overtaken by brother, Bosley!

Betty attempted to unseat the interloper, to no avail. We could almost hear Boz saying, "give it up, girl, this nest is mine."
Outwitted by her brother, dear Betty sits atop the warm refrigerator to wait be continued.

It was a lovely sunny Saturday.  Some cleaning and quilt musing took place, and Teddy and I went to play and run with a friend's young red Doberman, named Apollo.  

Early to bed for us all.....tomorrow we will cheer on the Pats.



Judy said...

Should be a good game tomorrow. I hope Brady's hand is not hurting!

Sally Wessely said...

Fun post. Has Boz won the spot yet?