Thursday, January 18, 2018


 Volunteering at Teddy's school today, I had a moment that nearly brought me to my knees with tears of happiness. While escorting children to reading and math testing, I was sort of blinded by the glorious sunlight coming through a large window at the end of the hall. A line of children ahead to our left, was backlit by the sunshine. Teddy's silhouette stood out to me as he raised his arms high, turned to the teacher in charge, and said, " That's my Nana, can I go to her?"  With arms outstretched and a shriek, he came running toward me to envelope me in happy hug.  WOW.  Makes every second  of life a treasure. 

It was a black ice morning but our day quickly became warm enough to melt it off.Stepping out to go to the bus was dicey but also brought us full, deep breaths of fresh air, and the many sounds of birds, letting us know Spring is on the way.

Tonight I am about to watch the first episode Victoria, season II.  A nice treat, and I am sure Bosley will join me to fill my lap.

Hope your day was filled with a little feeling of Spring, as well.


More randomness from the last few months.....

A snowy morning at the bus stop

                                                     Boz just melts into Teddy's arms!

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