Monday, March 21, 2016

Snow Day


Teddy's home from school today on a snow day.  The media hyped up a huge storm for us, even saying that our area by the Cape Cod Canal, would get the jackpot amounts. Here we are with barely a coating on the ground!

 Anyway, I thought I would show you some photos from the weekend with LM. Saturday morning brought us glorious sunshine, although outside, it was much colder than it looked. We decided to brave it and head to Provincetown, and take an early Spring walk through the Beech Forest, our favorite part of the National Seashore of Cape Cod.  In another month Beech Forest will be filled with migrating birds, drawing birdwatchers from all over.  The first week in May, especially, there are all sorts of warblers to be sighted.  We had a great walk!!  Being such a cold day, no one else was around, and we indulged ourselves in the pure sound of nature. We stopped often to feel the sun renew our souls while the wind whispered through the reeds and trees. During one stop, we discovered a busy downy woodpecker and 2 chickadees,  and next thing we knew, they were following us on our walk. I didn't get bird pictures, but as we often do, we found a tree we are certain must be home to the friendly Beech Forest troll, and some other animal friends.  See if you can find the rabbit, the fish, and alligator.
 We had fun finding the critters in this tree, and a woodpecker near the top (not in photo)
 Our troll tree

A glimpse through some reeds to one of the many ponds in the backed-by-sand-dunes Beech Forest.

On the way to Provincetown, I asked LM to take me to an area I'd never explored before.  It is known as High Head and is at the northernmost area of N. Truro. From there one can see all over the Cape.  
High Head Road
Looks like we will drive right off the edge at the top. 

Looking toward Provincetown over Pilgrim Lake from the top of High Head. It is truly a breathtaking view.

We turned the sharp corner at the top (there are a number of homes up there) onto a dirt road which meanders through typical dune low growth. This view was west looking over cottages along the road in N. Truro.

What a spectacular place. LM had a friend who once lived atop High Head.  I imagine it to be a very wild place in a storm.

Thanks for coming along on our Saturday tour. We are forever seeking out places we haven't explored before, and always  manage to find a surprise of some sort - most often beautiful.

Our snow is already about gone, Teddy and I have been out to do some exploring of our own today, and tomorrow he is very excited about returning to school. A very happy 1st grader.

Love and peace to all!!

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Judy said...

I saw the Rabbit and the Fish, but couldn't find the alligator.
I wish my Fred was still here. We used to do much the same as you and LM.
Seeing faces in big rocks and trees.
No fun to do exploring all alone!