Tuesday, November 17, 2015

4 more days.........

Four more days until I am in Florida!!  So exciting to know I will see my daughter and family, and also my dear friend, Sue.

Most everything is lined up for packing that I will start on Thursday.  I am such a planner and love every minute of the getting ready.  Teddy has been a big help in making some presents to bring, and my daughter and I are having the best time talking about what meals we have to enjoy together, and what delicious things we will cook.

The big hitch in all these plans is knowing I am going without my beloved, LM. He plans to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for his son, John and GF, Vanessa.  There may be others, as well. Sure hope it all works out. We both know, for sure, that we will miss each other very much.  He feels very strongly that I should have this time with my daughter without having to worry about entertaining him, as well.

I've a few shingles lurking about still, and this morning, I had a breakout of a whole new batch.  I don't feel sick, so it is all tolerable.

Daughter, Sara turns 51 on Saturday.  Hard to believe. I'm very proud of her these days, as she is working very hard, along with her husband, to save her marriage, after several years apart, they are gathering up the pieces and working with a therapist to be a family again. I know, Ms Samantha is one happy 8 year old.

In light of world affairs right now, I am doing my little part by sending as much love out in to the world as I can, love to all and may peace radiate throughout your lives.

PS.....Sure loved those cats at the G20 conference. 


Retired English Teacher said...

I hope those shingles leave you alone as you continue to get ready for your trip. I know you will miss LM, but have a fabulous time.

Judy said...

It will do you good to be off on your own and with your family in Florida. It will make the Homecoming all that much better. :-) Safe travels my friend and relax and enjoy each and every moment.

Wisewebwoman said...

I hope the sun hits those shingles and sends them packing.

Enjoy your time with daughter :)