Saturday, November 7, 2015

Countdown to Florida

 Some random photos on Saturday morning....

 Teddy took this great photo of his parents the perspective!!

 Alison made this beautiful salad when we visited my brother, Sam and his wife  recently. YUM!
 Sister, Bebo (Susan) with Teddy on her recent visit
 Brother, Ev and I got to cook together on his recent visit!!

Happy Saturday, everyone!!

Finally I have a very positive turnaround in my health, and the shingles are about 2/3 on their way to oblivion and off my neck, head, back and arms. WHEW. Not as bad as it could have been, though.

Yesterday I was invited to attend a vibrational healing session and it was truly life-changing. I am still hearing and feeling the reverberation of the music from the singing bowls.  Feel renewed.

Alison is working today, so I am with Teddy all day instead of with LM.  We will see each other later. It is a beautiful day, and shortly, Teddy and I are headed out to see what sort of fun/mischief we can  get in to. Most likely it will involve a visit to the library, a walk in downtown Falmouth, maybe a visit to the french bakery, and whatever else happens in to our path along the way.  At 6 am today we saw a beautiful sunrise which lit up the sky and highlighted the clear view of the moon sliver and brilliant. 

2 weeks from today, LM will be driving me to the airport early Saturday morning, and I will be arriving in Orlando shortly after noon. Daughter, Anne will meet me, and we will then drive north to St. Augustine to see my dear, dear friend, Sue.  We will stay near her at a hotel on the beach, and do a little catching up and some touristy things, of course. After that little visit, we will go to Anne's house in Ocala, where I will stay until the week after Thanksgiving.  What fun to think about Thanksgiving with a part of my family I do not see that often! 

This week, I spent a lot of time getting things ready for the trip, and also catching up with old friends.  Life is happy and fulfilling!! I am so grateful.

Teddy beckons, so it is time for the day's expedition to begin.

Love to all!


Sharon said...

I am so glad to read this post on this beautiful Saturday morning:) You look wonderful! Enjoy this day and all the days ahead preparing for your trip.

Judy said...

Glad those blisters are going away. I really am thankful you wrote about having them because, YOU were the impetus that made me go the next day and get my Shingles Virus shot!!! Have fun in Florida--I love St. Augustine and my Fred's daughter lives in Ocala. Good Memories there.

Wisewebwoman said...

You sound 100% better, lovely to have a trip to look forward to!


Retired English Teacher said...

Life is treating you well. I'm glad the shingles are finally giving you some relief. You blog looks so cheery. I love it. Have a fabulous trip.