Sunday, October 25, 2015


I have a serious case of shingles and it is not fun.  The pain is awful, and at times, it is all-consuming.
It started as what I thought was a stiff neck, Thinking it was just from the gym, I kept going and did my very best to enjoy my long awaited visit with my sister and brother.  They came here and we managed to get in some wonderful moments.  The pain in my head, neck and back kept getting worse and by Sunday morning, with sores all over my head and neck, and my ear hurting to the point of tears, I drove myself to the Urgent Care.  Immediately they told me it was shingles.  So here we are a week later, the lovely visits are over, and I am still in awful pain and having new breakouts of lesions. I have finished the 7 days of Valtrex and just waiting for some relief.  With the company we did get to witness firsthand some of the cranberry harvest. It is a fascinating and beautiful process.

I did take myself to LM's for the weekend and got some very peaceful and healing sleep, and was served some delicious healthy meals. Obviously, I need to work on building up  my immune system as much as I can.

That's  my story for now. Teddy was thrilled to have all the company, and he is now so excited about Halloween. He is going to be a tractor trailer truck!!  Pictures after Wednesday when the first event is being held.....although that may be rained out. We shall see.

LM has still been fishing everyday for striped bass. The season is just about at the end.

Ms G has taken up ownership of my heated lap blanket and is spending a lot of time lounging around in between begging for Greenies and chasing neighborhood cats away from the back door by howling, hollering, and throwing herself at the window. It is a tough life she leads!!

Happy Halloween to everyone and I send you peace and love.


Retired English Teacher said...

Oh no! I do not like that you have the shingles. You just have been through too much. Take care of yourself. I am sending healing thoughts.

Judy said...

Dang it!! Just when I think, "well it couldn't happen to me," I see another friend going through the awful pain of Shingles. I guess I'd better quit putting it off and go get my vaccine shot!!!

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh boy, catching up with you and that is awful, your system went down. Rest muchly and take care of you.

Love the quilting and your reunion with old pals.


Sharon said...

I was so sorry to read this before and am checking in to see how you are doing - I meant to get back and tell you I am sending healing thoughts, which I have been doing! Shingles can strike at any age - I have a friend in her 40's who had it, and she's as healthy as anyone I know. The "problem" if you can call it that is that kids don't get chicken pox any more so we are not re-exposed to the virus as adults. Our immunity wears off and shingles can be a result. I've consulted doctors who say the vaccine is not a sure fix. I was delighted to read that you're on the upswing!