Thursday, September 24, 2015

Big Time in the Old Town Tonight

It was a full day today, and then the evening was filled with the "Back to School Night" festivities at Teddy's school......great to meet his teacher, see his classroom and hear all the progress he has made
 in the first few weeks of first grade.

We had just returned home and I had come up to my sitting room to relax and check on Facebook, when I saw a post on our Bourne residents page saying that a huge cruise ship was about to pass through the Cape Cod Canal. I went bounding down the stairs (yes, my new knee allows bounding down the stairs!) and scooped up Alison and Teddy and we were off in the car to drive the 1 minute to the Canal banks.  We live near the East end and the ship was visible in the dark, towering above Cape Cod Bay and heading, full steam ahead for the canal. It passed so close to us and was really amazing Teddy was beside himself with excitement.

The moon was so pretty over the water.....


 Alison cuddling Teddy to keep him warm as we waited.

 The Bamoral as it entered the Canal heading West.

 Passing right by us in all her splendor!! All the decks were lined with waving passengers.

 As the beautiful ship passed, ever so quickly, this excited 6 year old pronounced this the very best night of his life so far!!

We dashed back to the car and managed to get to the end of our street as it passed by. We watched as the ship passed under the Sagamore Bridge with what seemed like inches to spare.  WHEW!
Just got this information about the cruise itself.  They are on a 35 day round trip cruise out of Southampton, England. Their first port was in Nova Scotia and tonight they are on their way to Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard. They are making their way to the Bahamas before heading back, with lots of ports in between.
That would be my itinerary of choice, and they have the most beautiful weather, as well. 


Judy said...

The first time I saw a cruise ship, up close, I was just about as excited as Teddy. My Gosh--they are so tall! What a great night!!!
You're bounding? I don't know anyone who can bound, after knee OR hip replacement. You obviously had a really good surgeon/recovery/PT team!!

One Woman's Journey - a journal being written from Woodhaven - her cottage in the woods. said...

Nothing like that have I ever witnessed.
Image is beautiful.
You are doing great
so happy for you...