Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In the Rapids

Life is moving very fast these days, and, if the truth were told, Teddy said it all tonight, when he commented to his mother that "Nana is very old so be careful with her" (Alison was trimming some errant curls at the nape of my neck).  Teddy has no idea how hard Nana has to work to stay "young" enough to keep up with all his antics, and my new life.  I am loving it!!

It is 19 days and counting until my knee replacement. As much work as the surgery project is, I cannot wait for it to be over, as the pain is a huge weight I drag around every day.  Working with the fitness trainer is wonderful and I feel quite a bit stronger, and mentally I am in a great place. Let's see how soon I can get back to writing, and how long I can maintain my even keel through the pain.

Tomorrow, daughter, Anne, is bringing her beautiful self from Florida to see me.  For the first time in many years, we will take a few days away, just us, to catch up on our lives and see what fun and  "trouble" we can conjure up in Provincetown.  Our breath will be taken by the beauty and the cold, but we will warm ourselves by fires and enjoy some lovely meals together (well, LM is allowed to join us Saturday night at "The Mews.")  We will return home on Sunday and the whole family will have dinner before Anne returns home on Monday. 
This is all sort of a kick-off before the surgery date.

Many in my life are experiencing some health crises, some almost recovered and some in the worst stages of surgery recovery.  One friend, Priscilla, is leaving a hospital Saturday after 5 months away from home. Her spirit is so high right now and  I am so happy for her to be returning to her beloved cat, Pepper and her sweet home on a pond.

My sister, Margaret had surgery to shore up her lumbar spine last Friday, and after some post-surgical scary times, she returned home today under the watchful eye of her daughters.  The pain of being away from my sister in such a tenuous time, is wrenching.  Margaret, my heart is with you, Jerry and the girls! 

My second daughter, Sara, is suffering with kidney stones right now, and we are all sending her love, patience and comfort. Very painful.....we so want you to join us on Sunday so we send you and Samantha all our wishes to carry you through this time.

That is a little bit of life right much to do. I am so very grateful for the strength I feel and the love that surrounds me these days, especially from my LM.  He is my rock and haven so many times each day.

Time for rest and meditation.....sending you all peace and love!!


Judy said...

The pain after the knee surgery will probably be less than what you have now! Didn't you have knee surgery once before?
I do not like when members of my family are ill--it makes me nervous with worry. I can tell--Teddy will always be gentle with his Nana and love her forever!!

Retired English Teacher said...

Thanks for this update. You are now with your daughter enjoying the time together. I'm so happy for that. I will be thinking of you as you have knee surgery. I've helped my husband though this twice. Are you having both replaced at the same time? It is an arduous surgery, but one I know you will come through with great determination. The outcome will be good. It gave my husband his life back.

God bless.

Wisewebwoman said...

Happy New Year Kitty and I hope the surgery goes well. Glad you enjoyed your time away with daughter.