Thursday, January 1, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR.....Hanging on to Our Hats

We welcomed in 2015 with a lovely lobster dinner, and some movies.  Our perfect way to celebrate. A wonderful year is ahead, complete with a new knee for me, and many more adventures with Teddy, too. 

Who knows what other amazing events will fill our world, but we are ready to embrace each day for all its worth.

Ms G is celebrating 2015 with some Greenies and herding efforts with LM this morning as we prepare to have a New Year's celebratory breakfast with friends.

Much love to all our family and friends... may your days be filled with opportunities for peace, respect and love.



Lois Evensen said...

Happy New Year!

Balisha said...

Happy Healthy New Year to you too!

Judy said...

2015 WILL be better than 2014

Retired English Teacher said...

Happy New Year. We are eleven days into it. Or are we twelve? I'm already confused on what day it is. Nevertheless, I hope this year is a healthy one for you and one that brings you much satisfaction and one that is filled with rich experiences.

Sharon said...

Happy New Year! I have been thinking of you and hoping you are feeling well enough to go ahead with your knee surgery. May you be healthy and strong~